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Xbox's Phil Spencer heaps praise on Nintendo, says they're magical, masterful, and have the 'strongest first party pedigree out there'

Nintendo must be blushing!
by rawmeatcowboy
13 August 2020
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It looks like Nintendo might have a new, unofficial spokesperson, and his name is Phil Spencer.

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Xbox's Phil Spencer was set to appear on Gary Whitta's Animal Talking a live talk show that takes place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Spencer's stint on the show was filled with praise for the Big N, which you can read below.

Hollywood screenwriter and one-time games journalist Gary Whitta has had some cool guests on his Animal Crossing-themed Twitch show Animal Talking, and the most recent episode featured one of gaming's most high-profile executives – Xbox's Phil Spencer.

...the pure thing about what Nintendo does, is they think about games, and they think about their hardware and their platform all as one thing, and build those experiences – and I know the teams there pretty well – and I think it's magical the way they're able to create a complete Nintendo experience on their devices, and this experience I'm looking at right here, in my hands, on my Switch, is Animal Crossing. From the Switch running it to the game itself to the way you go to other peoples islands...

In entertainment business, you know, most things don't turn out to be huge successes so there always has to be some amount of surprise, but Nintendo is just masterful at what they do, and I've said it before, I think they have the strongest first party pedigree out there and strength, and they're a jewel for us in the games industry and something we should protect.