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FCC filings point to a Switch revamp with SoC and RAM changes

Finally, some evidence!
by rawmeatcowboy
27 August 2020
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There have been rumors of a more powerful Switch for years now, and they ebb and flow with time. Right now we're seeing the rumor flames get stoked once again, thanks to reports from outfits like Bloomberg and others. They say their info comes from inside sources and people close to the matter, but it's all still just rumor. It can be a bit taxing to not have something tangible to go off of, but today that finally changes.

Some new FCC filings tied to Nintendo have popped up, and it does indeed look like the Big N is working on a Switch hardware revamp. According to the filings, a Switch with an updated SoC (system on a chip) and RAM is definitely on the way. These filings were just made public a few days back on Aug. 23rd, 2020. There's also a change of the CPU board, but that's due to the new components mentioned above.

Now as to why Nintendo needs these changes and what the difference is between the current Switch and this revamp remains to be seen. There has been talk of a Switch with more horsepower and a better resolution, and upgrades like the ones mentioned above would certainly fit in with these revamped innards. That said, we're just speculating on what the components are being added for. We'll have to wait for Nintendo to come out with official details to make things clear.

Huge thanks to Dakhil for the heads up!

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