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Switch the best-selling game hardware in Europe for 2020, Nintendo the #1 boxed game publisher

Switch is unstoppable right now
by rawmeatcowboy
08 February 2021
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We've already shared sales numbers for the UK in 2020, but now we have a look at the bigger picture. The data for much of Europe has come in for last year, and Nintendo once again came out on top. Take a look at the figures for Benelux, France, GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), Iberia, Nordics and Poland below.

- 211.9 million games were sold across UK & Ireland, mainland Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in 2020
- the biggest publisher of boxed games across Europe was Nintendo, with a market share of over 28%
- in terms of boxed games, PS4 had a 43% market share and Switch 41% market share
- in France and Germany, Switch is the top performing console for boxed game sales,
- the genre that grew the most was strategy, which saw sales rise 57% over the year before thanks to Animal Crossing
- Switch sales jumped 22% across Europe compared to last year
- Switch sold almost three times as PS4, which saw sales drop 42% over 2019
- Switch's Joy-Con controllers increased 32% in sales year-on-year, and came in second place for accessories
- eShop cards grew 34% year-on-year