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Classic Nintendo commercial resurfaces, showcasing Mario, Link, and others animated by Disney legend Dale Baer

They don't make them like this anymore
by rawmeatcowboy
12 February 2021
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Here's an amazing piece of Nintendo history that is making the rounds once again. The commercial above was part of a promotion for Roses Discount Stores, which used to stock a bunch of Nintendo goodies. Roses showed the spot nationwide, and it featured some really slick animation for Mario, Link, Princess Peach, and others. Turns out an iconic animator was involved with the spot's creation.

The artwork/animation in the commercial was handled by none other than Dale Baer. Baer worked on countless Disney classics like Robin Hood, The Rescuers, The Lion King, Tarzan, and others. He also did work for other landmark films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Turns out Baer also worked in the commercial field for 27 years, which is what led him to this Nintendo-related spot.

If you're a big animation buff, you can no doubt spot the similarities in animation style with this commercial and features like Robin Hood and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Really makes you miss the old-school hand drawn approach!