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Famitsu news - Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii RPG)

by rawmeatcowboy
25 June 2008
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Arc Rise Fantasia - Wii


- Image Epoch x Marvelous
- Traditional fantasy RPG
- Luminous Arc staffers on board
- Official Site will be open on 27th June
- Graphics style is similar to tri-Ace games
- 16:9
- 3 character party
- One shared AP gauge between the team, which empties as actions are performed
- multiple attacks are possible, as are massive attacks that will drain a lot of AP
- if party members use the same skills, those skills will be increased
- beasts = Roguresu. These creatures help teach you throughout the game

Producer (MMV): Hideyuki Mizutani
Development Producer (Image Epoch): Ryoei Mikage
Director (Image Epoch): Hiroyuki Kanemaru
Scenario: Takumi Miyajima
Composition/Music Director: Yasunori Mitsuda
Main Character Original Design: Kenichi Yoshida
Roguresu Design: Shin Nagasawa