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Mega Man 9 - screens, details, interview (secrets remain)

by rawmeatcowboy
03 July 2008
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More screens here

A bunch of new details concerning Mega Man 9…

- There are doors marked Dr. L (Dr. Light) before each boss. This goes with Dr. Wily accusing Dr. Light of creating the evil robot masters
- Galaxy Man: use portals to travel through the level, enemies that split and multiply
- Plug Man: “disappearing block” puzzles
- Hornet Man: lots of bees
- Jewel Man: stand on swings and use momentum to make jumps
- Magma Man: lava, lava, lava
- Concrete Man: reminiscent of Guts Man
- Tornado Man: spinning platforms, mid-air leaps
- Splash Woman: Inafune designed this Robot Master, level features bubble puzzle reminiscent of Megan Man 5
- Dr. Light’s shop is included
- items to purchase: energy balancer, spike shoes, armor
- play as Mega Man without his helmet, if you want to
- Select screen and Menu screen feature music directly from Mega Man 2
- Select screen features options that are not allowed to be discussed until E3
- charged mega-buster and sliding not in the game, at this point. It is unclear if they will be in the final version.
- Rush Coil confirmed
- more to look forward to than the ‘regular game’. Menu screen holds other game options

Some snippets from a GamesRadar interview with Inafune…

GamesRadar: If there is a XBLA or PSN version in the making, will there be any differences from Wii to 360 to PS3, like online capabilities or galleries?

Inafune: We haven’t announced a XBLA or PSN title yet. Do the fans want them? As a rule, I try not to create differences between platforms. Differences based on platform capabilities may optimize possibilities and gameplay specific to a particular platform, yet that is not necessarily welcomed by the users. Everyone desires what s/he has to be better than the others’ and it will be unfair to create differences in my opinion. To avoid such a situation, I always try to create equality across the platforms and make sure everyone will be happy with our creations.

GamesRadar: By the sixth installment, Mega Man had gained several moves (sliding, charge shots, Rush help). Will any of these make it into part 9 or are you aiming for a more Mega Man 2-style game?

Inafune: Mega Man 9 will be much closer to Mega Man 2. As mentioned earlier, in the process of going back to our roots, we came to conclude that those fancy moves were unnecessary. There are many gamers who claim that Mega Man 2 is their absolute favorite. I took it as an indication that Mega Man is not all about the moves. The beauty of Mega Man actually lies in its simplicity and a fine mixture of simple gameplay, puzzle-like thrill of maneuvering tricks at the last minute, and battles. Instead of new moves, we’ve tried to find an excellent balance in the game design and to achieve “simplicity and fun” in the very detailed-oriented age.

Full interview here (thanks thanks to QuarterRoy for the heads up!)