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Nintendo Voice Chat Ep. 16 - summary

by rawmeatcowboy
31 July 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Thanks again to our friend Valay for the heads up!

Wii MotionPlus
- Long overdue
- Is basically what the Wiimote should have been initially
- Measures subtle rotational shifts, 1:1 - Craig says it actually works, he likes sword-fighting
- Craig “called” a new Wii Sports game right before Nintendo’s conference

Wii Sports Resort
- All 3 minigames were pretty fun
- Matt liked the disc dog game, since you can see how accurate Wii Motion Plus is - worked perfectly
- Angle, rotation played a huge part where the disc would land
- Craig thought sword-fighting was really accurate as well

- Laughably made
- Can put it anywhere in the room, cord looks gigantic (based on photos)
- Made for 3 - 4 people playing on a couch
- A third-party might make a work-around eventually (headset, microphone)
- Can use wireless keyboard in AC: City Folk
- Matt will remain skeptical until he can really test it
- Nintendo playing it safe again - Craig

Animal Crossing: City Folk
- It’s a polished DS game
- GameCube graphics, maybe even DS graphics
- Eguchi was surprised when he was told the graphics look like GCN/DS
- Scrolling world
- No gestures for chopping down trees or anything
- Could have been Wii’s version of home - Matt was looking forward to a deeper experience
- City looks gimped - only about four stores
- Craig wonders what is new with the game
- Could end up being a great game, but not much different

Guitar Hero On Tour Decades
- Stream new songs to the old game
- Cool technology, especially since this is on the DS

1st party games
- Nintendo made previous announcements about DS games
- Announced Rhythm Heaven, but not at the conference - was on the press site
- Showed Wario Land behind closed doors, is a fun game

The Conduit
- Game of the show
- Looks really good, controls are great
- A little framey, but High Voltage promises it will be perfect
- Control options are very detailed
- Weapons inventive, use Wiimote well
- Real-time FPS control scheme (can change controls on the fly)
- At first, when Craig saw the game, he didn’t know that The Conduit was a Wii game

- de Blob was a big surprise for Matt - the game is polished, really coming together, some great visual effects

- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 looks better, controls better than ever before - Matt
- Matt likes Madden, too

Wii Music
- Worst game of E3 for Matt
- 10 and under crowd will only enjoy it
- First game for mainstream audience Craig won’t give to his parents

- Cammie Dunaway is technically replacing Reggie, Denise Kaigler replacing Perrin
- Cammie doesn’t write her own speeches, so Matt says we shouldn’t blame her for E3 performance - Give her some slack
- Craig says she is very nice, the snowboarding story is true
- The one writing Cammie’s speech (and Cammie herself for comments on HDD, etc) needed to realize the audience it was being presented to
- There is clearly a storage solution for Wii, but someone needs to come right out and say it

The good news of E3
- Miyamoto made promises
- Mario + Zelda teams reformed
- New Zelda is underway
- New Pikmin confirmed (but should have shown gameplay)
- Craig argued they should show a teaser or something for the fans

- E3 show was a misstep because Nintendo totally ignored hardcore - Matt
- Iwata apologized for the show
- Matt thinks at Nintendo’s next event, there will be a lot of hardcore games because of their E3 showing
- Craig loved Spaceworld, Matt thinks they should start campaigning for it to return for Nintendo
- E3 was a “we don’t care event” for companies - no energy, places vacant

- PC arcadey racing game
- Ideas from PC version make a good transition to DS
- Create own tracks
- Track can be edited in the track editor itself
- Race engine is smooth, but some framerate issues
- Fun, bouncy racing

Wario Land
- 4:3 mode is lame
- Oldschool platformer
- A lot of fun, hand-drawn animation is great
- Smart puzzles
- Controls tight, stylized
- Shake it move is delayed a bit - takes Wario time to react

- Fatal Frame in the IGN office Friday, should come to the US at some point

Reader questions
- Nintendo might show off some hardcore games at TGS or maybe a new Spaceworld
- Nintendo understands the core, but Craig thinks marketing department is out of touch with core audience - Iwata makes final decisions for what to show at conference
- Matt thought Kid Icarus would be at E3 - “What is true one day is not true the next and we don’t really make the news, we tell you what we hear”
- Matt would recommend Wario Land to anyone, Matt used to think it would be a quick cash-in game (but not anymore)
- We have to see if there is more to City Folk than the bug catching, fishing, etc. - apparently more to the online mode then Nintendo showed
- Matt thinks there could be more that will be announced before the end of the year (Fatal Frame, other things Nintendo could potentially publish from third-parties)
- Matt thinks Nintendo will eventually pack Wii MotionPlus with the Wii controllers in the future
- When will Cammie be fired? Not anytime soon - Only 1 show, Matt thinks we should give her a break
- Matt + Craig loved The Dark Knight
- Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia uses the same engine as previous two DS titles
- Matt wants to review Wii Music so he can blast it (Matt hopes the game will have something redeeming when it ships)
- Is Nintendo holding back own lineup for third-parties? Matt doesn’t thinks so, no rush for them to flood market with their own software
- Matt + Craig won’t be sad if E3 doesn’t come back next year
- No word on Disaster: Day of Crisis, Matt fears the future for the game - might be heading down Project H.A.M.M.E.R’s path
- FFCC: The Crystal Bearers - still in development, Square Enix had nothing to show
- NOA not knowing about Fatal Frame 4 - The people being questioned were probably the executives, won’t know about it until there is a press release/are coached about it
- Mad World was eyes-on - looked cool + fun but the style is a weird mashup
- Game of the show for any console: Matt - Mirror’s Edge or Dead Space, Craig - Fallout 3
- Nintendo won’t make a switch to disc-based format in future handhelds because of loadtimes and battery power
- Nintendo hasn’t released their own game for the VC in over 3 months - Matt thinks maybe Nintendo is trying to address all third-party games in their queue
- Favorite instrument in Wii Music - Matt: “The power-off button”
- Nintendo didn’t show much for the DS at all - Craig thinks that Nintendo could at least make a New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the same engine
- There was no DS redesign because of booming DSL sales