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Curious Sam and Max information points to Mii inclusion? - UPDATE

by rawmeatcowboy
09 August 2008
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Sam and Max: Season One details from Amazon

* New puzzles and mini-games specifically designed for use with the Wiimote
* Breathtaking third person graphics that truly immerse the player into this thrilling mystery
* A challenging murder mystery that will stretch the furthest limits of your imagination
* 20+ hours of engrossing gameplay and fascinating enigmas to resolve
* New twists-and-turns to the original story, plus a new character has been added ¿ YOU

What on earth does this mean? Mii support would make the most sense, but how would that work into the game? Thanks to Hank for the heads up!

UPDATE - Telltale has confirmed that this info is incorrect. Thanks to Cyberlink for the heads up!