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Mario still king of game characters in Japan

by rawmeatcowboy
12 August 2008
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1,000 Japanese gamers surveyed to find out who their favorite video game characters were. While there were some ties for various spots, there is only one guy who could take the top spot. There are some characters that have graced Nintendo platforms, but I am bolding the ones that you’ll only find on Nintendo.

10. Squall Final Fantasy VIII
10. Yuna Final Fantasy X
10. Professor Layton Professor Layton series
8. Toad Mario Kart

8. Doraemon Doraemon series
7. Chocobo Final Fantasy series
4. Slime Dragon Quest series
4. Solid Snake MGS series
4. Pikachu Pokémon
3. Yoshi Mario series

2. Cloud Final Fantasy VII
1. Mario Mario series

Top 3 choices for men

1). Mario
2). Cloud
3). Solid Snake

Top 3 choices for women

1). Mario
2). Yoshi

3). Cloud