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GoNintendo 'End of day' thoughts - Capcom is happy with their Wii support, are you?

by rawmeatcowboy
14 August 2008
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Well, it took a couple days…but my hand is feeling normal again! I think I just bent it into a weird position while sleeping. Someone is going to have to strap me down from now on! I’m going to head to bed, and hopefully I’ll be able to not injure myself while tossing/turning. Here’s to a fantastic Thursday. I’ll be back and updating after I catch my 40 winks.


The other day, we posted a story about Capcom and their Wii titles. Capcom said that they are currently considering bringing over one or two of their 360/PS3 titles to the Wii, be they downloadable or disc-based. They aren’t really giving any hints as to which is more likely, but we did have a list of titles to mull over.

There was a bit more to that Capcom post linked above, but I wanted to save it for an ‘End of day’ thought. It seems that Capcom is quite pleased with their Wii support, and they think you should be too. Check out what Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development had to say…

Spyborgs I still say will surprise people (stay tuned)… We Love Golf is the highest rated golf game on Wii according to… Neopets is getting great press (a couple best puzzle game of E3 nominations from various outlets) and Z&W, which you’d already agreed with my stance on. I’d say that’s pretty solid. You also forgot RE4, RE:UC, Okami and Harvey Birdman. And yes, MotoGP 08 is coming to Wii as well. From my perspective, excluding downloadables, we’ve shipped more games on Wii than 360 or PS3, including two RE titles. I don’t see the Wii getting shafted at all.

Well, he is a part of the inner-workings at Capcom. You can’t expect him to say that he thinks Wii owners are getting screwed over. That’s why I open the question to you. Do you feel that Capcom is doing a good job supporting the Wii faithful? Keep in mind, the core gamer isn’t the only crowd that needs to be spoken for. When you make your comments, keep the full spectrum in-mind, even though most of you are playing games from a ‘core’ perspective.

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