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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast - summary (Moon, Little King's Story, Lock's Quest, and more)

by rawmeatcowboy
08 September 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

This summary comes from Yaceka over at GAF…

Mystery Case Files MillionHeir:
-Good fit for DS.
-Appears to be going after Professor Layton audience, but in reality it’s a different beast.
-Easier than Professor Layton.
-Fairly casual game.
-You find items hidden in busy scenery.
-If you play the game a second time you’ll get different items to find, adding to the replay value.
-Score given: 7.7

-Positive impressions Little King Story. Health represents age. Lower health = older, grumpier, not as willing to follow commands. Lack of IR control though.
-NHL 2k9: Looks like “ass”, plays okay. Looks like first gen PS1 according to Bozon.
-”Some” company’s have Motion Plus development kits. They can’t say who though, as it might ruin relationships (in other words, they’re avoiding another Factor 5-Kid Icarus incident).
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: 360/PS3 versions are more like tech demos while Wii version is more like a game. Only downside mentioned is PS2/PSP graphics.

-Most hyped upcoming games of 2008 (on all consoles):
Bozon: Dead Space
Daemon: Prince of Persia
Craig: Animal Crossing: City Folk (hoping for it to be different from the DS/GC versions)
Matt: N/A
-On the topic of a one console future: Competition bring innovation. If there was ever only one console on the market, another console would just come out.

Interview with people from Lock’s Quest/Drawn to Life development team (5th Cell):
-There’s a possibility for Drawn to Life on consoles.
-No current Wii projects.
-There’s a new DS game from the creators of Drawn to Life and Lock’s Quest! The person being interviewed hyped it up quite a bit. He says it will be revealed next year.

Interview with people from Renegade Kid:
-Mastiff asked Matt for a quote about Moon. Matt gave them one saying that it’s similar to Metroid.
-Potential storyline twists in Moon.
-Moon runs at a solid 60fps.
-Wii Remote-esque aiming on DS? Could work pretty well but it’s not in the game currently.