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Grandparent's Day at the Nintendo World Store

by rawmeatcowboy
10 September 2006
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We came, we saw…we hung out with old people! As you guys know, we made our way into NYC yesterday to enjoy the festivities at the Nintendo World Store. We watched some aging gamers battle it out in Brain Age, where none other then Old Grandma Hardcore turned out to be the final victor. We snapped some pics of the events, some of our faves posted below. Make sure you click over to our Flickr set to check out all the rest (including full size shots of the pics below).


Let the festivities begin!

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Old Grandma Hardcore attacks her opponents from behind


An intense battle


Old Grandma Hardcore and Mom Brain discuss the final brain battle


The winner!


Nintendo World Store employees (Brian & Ashlie) love GoNintendo!

Check out the rest of the Flickr set here!