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Nintendo media summit - live blog

by rawmeatcowboy
02 October 2008
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I really don’t know what new info will come from this, but I’ll live-blog anyway. My connection is pretty good…but if I die out, you know why!

PLEASE don’t refresh all the time. Take a few minutes before refreshes, if not more. Once again, this will probably be mostly a rehash of last night.

- Denise Kaigler takes the stage

- information is embargoed until Monday, but live blog is permitted

- Reggie takes the stage

- event is all about core, classic, expanded audience, and Wii

- DSi shop service bringing two redesigned Brain Age games

- two cameras confirmed once again

- real time imaging software

- store songs on SD card, uses AAC format

- built-in software for controlling pitch, speed, audio filters, and more

- record voice through mic, and change playback speed and pitch

- all of these camera/music options are pre-loaded

- play sound in games at louder volume

- opera browser reconfirmed

- DSi will not hit North America until ‘well into’ 2009 because the DS Lite is still selling at phenomenal rates. Last year was the best year ever for DS in North America, and this year is going at a rate that’s 22% better.

- 22 million DS units sold in North America

- 23 million DS Units sold in Japan

- Purchase/download WiiWare/VC software directly to SD. Transfer process will become ‘dramatically easier’

- More DS units to be shipped in Oct. Nov, Dec

- More Wii units to be shipped in Oct, Nov, Dec

- Reggie doesn’t know if these allotments will be enough to satiate demand

- Cammie Dunaway takes the stage

- Punch-Out!! Wii being shown. Same screens that we saw last night. Perfect time for this game to return. Trailer being show. Little Mac is shadowboxing. Awesome live orchestra version of classic Punch-Out song.

- Call of Duty: World at War will be playable at this event. New co-op mode being shown off. This is the mode we’ve already heard about.

- MadWorld being talked about. No new information being talked about yet. New build playable at the show.

- Dead Rising Drop Till You Drop talked about

- The Conduit talked about again. High Voltage team members take the stage. Live demo being shown. New level being shown off…third level, cold war bunker. Development is still pre-alpha…but still on target for Q1 2009 ship. Majority of single player complete. In the ‘polish phase’. Depth of field being shown off. Focusing on multiplayer using feedback they get from press and fans. All-seeing eye being shown off once again. 16 player multiplayer, focusing on traditional MP modes. 15 enemy types in the game. All-seeing eye can open device and pick locks. Voiceover will be recorded this month. Detail mapping for non-blurry textures. Player can walk right up to textures and they will maintain quality. Talking about the game engine to take advantage of Wii abilities. Z-lock health/range being shown off again. Interactive water, light maps, and more. Normal mapping, blooms, blurs, and a lot more. All feedback is being looked, and possibly incorporated if needed. No publisher announced.

- Wii Music is being talked about. I’ll update on this game if there is any new info. Right now, it’s all the stuff we know.

- Animal Crossing City Folk is up now. Once again, if there is new info, I will post more.

- Wii Fit is being shown off. There is a celebrity trainer here to show off Wii Fit. He’ll be giving tips at the event.

- Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party up next. Butt-control is a major selling point. This game will ‘work your core’ like none other.

- Sin and Punishment 2 being shown. Screens we’ve already seen. 2009 will bring Sin and Punishment 2 stateside. Trailer being shown. Techno music, lots of shooting, giant bird-like enemy being shown. Underwater fights, space fights, and more.

- Now the show is moving onto DS titles

- Personal Trainer: Cooking is due out in the first half of 2009. Personal trainers on math, walking, and cooking are on the way as well. Chef from the hotel will be demoing the game.

- Rhythm Heaven being talked about. Expecting big sales

- New Age of Empires quickly talked about

- Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff quickly talked about

- Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia quickly talked about. COnfirmation of Judgment connection offered up once again

- Chrono Trigger talked about quickly

- Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - 1st half of 2009. Live demo being given. Once again, a very advanced remake of the classic Famicom title. Difficulty settings, online modes, storyline details being discussed. This is stuff that we’ve covered in the past. Full voice chat with friends, not random people.

- Pokemon Ranger 2 reconfirmed for Nov. 10th

- Henry Hatsworth is at the event, due out early 2009.

- Mario and Luigi RPG 3 - release date is ‘2009′. Bowser joins in with Mario and Luigi. Trailer is being shown. Play as Bowser with Bowser-specific attacks. Control Goombas for major attacks.

- Wii Speak Channel on Nov. 16. Talk up to 4 groups of people at once. Buy WiiSpeak, get a ticket to download the channel for free. Send voice messages to friends, as well as a photo.

-Club Nintendo announced for North America! Debuts in North America by the end of the year.

That’s the event, now get ready for Deux to update with press event media!