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Finally, some info on Gamestop/EB trade in deal

by rawmeatcowboy
16 September 2006
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I promised you guys that I would head out to the mall and hit up Gamestop so that I could clear up this trade in story we ran yesterday. I have some great news for everyone.

I made my way out to Gamestop, talked with a very trusted source, and I received this information. Gamestop/EB Games here are not taking any reserves yet. Reserves will not be taken until they are sure of how many units they will be able to get their hands on. Also, the trade-in deal is not something that is going on, so no worries about that at all. The only thing that is going on that is Wii related is the fact that Gamestop/EB will now allow you to switch your Cube reserve of Twilight Princess to the Wii version if you like.

Now it seems that there is truth to the story we ran last night…it is just not something that will effect a lot of people. The following email comes from reader Jet Pilot, which offers up the exact same information that the original poster sent my way as well.

Here’s the deal with the “trade $50 worth of stuff for a pre-order deposit” rumor. This rumor is true…however there is a catch. As of right now, Gamestop is doing a test run of this “offer” in the state of Hawaii and the island of Guam ONLY.All the details you posted last night are correct, but as of right now, this is only going to take place in the aforementioned regions (Hawaii & Guam).

I called several local Gamestops today (I live in the midwestern USA) and they still have no idea when they will be taking pre-orders.

I called two stores in Hawaii:

The first call was to Gamestop #1334 in Kahului (one of the outer islands) at (808) 877-8097 and he confirmed this program was indeed true.

The second call was to Software Etc. #1366 (which is owned by Gamestop) in Honolulu at (808) 947-1164. He gave me the entire set of details (mentioned above) and said that he had received numerous complaints about the programs since it was announced yesterday. He said they expect a large crowd on Monday when the “trade your entire game collection for a Wii/PS3 pre-order” program begins. He also said that they may run another pre-order program in Hawaii & Guam at a later date that would be the “normal” style of programs (i.e. your cash will be accepted) but that is dependant on how successful this program is.

There you go…the deal is real, just not widespread. Feel free to call the number above and check it out for yourself! Mom Brain just called and asked about this deal, and it is indeed true.