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Wing Island/Red Steel impressions

by rawmeatcowboy
17 September 2006
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Kotaku was on hand at the NYC Wii event, at which they managed to try out Hudson’s Wing Island and an updated playtest of Red Steel. You can read an excerpt from each article below.

I only played two modes, despite my time on the game. One had me flying around an island in search of cows. When I found the cow, I had to fly in very close and snap a photo by locking on and pressing a button. The other mode had me controlling a half-dozen or so planes flying in formation in a race. I had to race through a series of aerial rings in a set time limit.

Wing Island impressions

I’m still on the line about Red Steel. It just seems to have to many control issues to make it worth my while to buy. Hopefully that will change by launch, because shooters definitely seem to work on the Wii.

Red Steel impressions (updated fact sheet as well)