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Miyamoto The Interview: Part 2

by bethany
03 October 2006
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Miyamoto talks Wii titles:

How many titles are you currently involved with, Mr Miyamoto?

Although I’ll mainly be working on titles for the Wii, some of the titles haven’t been announced yet so I can’t really tell you how many projects it is that I’m working on. All I can say is that… (pauses to think)… I’m directly involved with a lot of titles. As for titles that are going to be released, I worked on the whole Zelda game, “Mario Galaxy” and “Wii Sports”. I also worked on something known as the “Remote Pointer Demo” that was on exhibition at E3 and demonstration events.

Sounds very much like “Duck Hunt”.

(Laughs). Yes. I’m involved with the majority of titles that’s been announced so far.

I see. So which of the titles are you deeply involved with in development?

I’m deeply involved with all of them so it’s a lot of work (Laughs). The Zelda game was brought up at the last moment and we had to get moving with Mario too. Then there was also Star Fox Command to work on so it was a busy time. I know Star Fox is for the DS but I thought I would do a bit of promotion here (Laughs).

Of course (Laughs)

Well, that’s how things are going so I have my hands full. I also had to take care of a lot of administration work, look over overseas titles and contracts so I’m up to the brim in work. However, I’ve settled all of that with Iwata so that a different section of the company will take care of it and now you can see me as a member of the Entertainment Analysis and Development Department again.

The Focus is on Tennis and Electronic Dictionaries?

Which Wii title are you focusing on, Mr. Miyamoto?

(Thinking hard). I’m putting a lot of effort in the title that Mr. Sao announced at E3!

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