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Steal Princess dated for Europe

by rawmeatcowboy
13 February 2009
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February 13th 2009 - Lock your valuables away and keep your wallets safe as Rising Star Games announces the European release of Steal Princess for the Nintendo DS™. Highly regarded in Japan due to its unique gameplay features, Steal Princess becomes the latest new addition to the Rising Star Games family and slots in nicely with its ‘Home of Japanese Games’ branding initiative. Steal Princess is scheduled for release in all PAL territories during May 2009.

Accidentally triggering a booby trap which leaves Anise unconscious, the young thief awakens in the clutches of the King of Albyon. Mistaking Anise for a descendent of the legendary Hero of Albyon, the king offers her an ultimatum: free the prince, who was captured by the ancient Demon King, or be convicted as a thief and locked away for life.

Steal Princess aims to break the mould as a puzzle/platformer hybrid by offering an intense single player campaign spread over more than 150 levels of increasing complexity. Once the player completes this mode they can then jump into the in-depth level creator, allowing them to determine the layout of the level, where the enemies appear, construct moving platforms and even setting victory conditions. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support also allows your custom creations to be shared online with anyone over the internet.

Key features:

• Challenging 3D puzzle platformer played on an isometric plane
• Classic platform gameplay - jump, swing, climb and attack as you search for the solution to beating the level
• Over 150 complex levels to master
• Create your own custom levels - construct your playable area, monster placement, items and even victory conditions
• Share your completed levels with a friend or rival over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection