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XSeed will try to retain Japanese voices for Arc Rise Fantasia localization

by rawmeatcowboy
01 April 2009
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For Arc Rise Fantasia, as for all Japanese games with voice-acting that we work on, it usually depends on if the game disc can hold both the English and Japanese voice data (which can be huge), and if we are allowed to use the original voices in North America because a lot of times they only have the rights to be used for Japan. We always try, but it depends on these variables on if we can actually keep the original voices or not. - Ken at XSEED Games

I’m not one that plays through a game with Japanese voices unless I have to, but I like to know that the option is there. I know plenty of people that would rather die than listen to English dubbing, so hopefully Arc Rise Fantasia will be able to maintain its original voice work.