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Nintendo Power - review scores

by rawmeatcowboy
01 April 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Rhythm Heaven (DS): 9.0
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier (DS): 7.0
Excitebots (Wii): 8.0
Klonoa (Wii): 9.0
Steal Princess (DS): 6.0
Major Minor’s Majestic March (Wii): 6.0
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Director’s Cut (Wii): 7.0
Don King Boxing (Wii): 5.5
Dokapon Journey (DS): 4.0
GTA Chinatown Wars (DS): 9.0
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (Wii): 7.5
Touch Mechanic (DS): 5.0
The Dark Spire (DS): 5.0
Pokemon Platinum (DS): 9.0

Thanks to Marl0 for the heads up!