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Ghostbusters: The Game - Dan Aykroyd enjoys his Wii makeover

by rawmeatcowboy
10 April 2009
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A portion of a Newsweek interview with Dan Aykroyd…

NW: Who got the best digital makeover? You? Ernie Hudson? Slimer?

Aykroyd: Honestly, I love the way we look in the Wii platform, because it resembles the animation that was done in “The Incredibles.” Anybody who looks like an Incredible is automatically a superhero. And I was so pleased that they shaved off at least 60 pounds from my current bulk. The boys look good. We resemble the actors who were in the first movie. You wouldn’t want us out there looking as we do today. But in the third movie we will! There, we’ll have the benefit of passing the torch to a new generation. Much prettier and much better looking, like Alyssa Milano.

Full interview here (thanks 8-Bit Jay!)