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*Bumped to the front page* Japan - Nintendo's Wii video service kicks off May 1st - videos, information, confirmation of DSi videos on-the-go

by rawmeatcowboy
22 April 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0

- comes out May 1st in Japan
- Channel will be free
- provides a virtual living room experience for the user
- register up to 8 Miis
- time in the virtual living room passes in real-time
- click on the TV to enter the video download service
- view content by recommended, recent arrivals, or key words
- no details on video content at this time
- clicking the plastic plan takes you to a page for partner companies, which shows commercials and promo videos for products. This also allows product samples to be delivered to your home, if you wish.
- calendar available for a new image every day, as well as text content
- Nintendo will be working with celebrities to bring their personalities into your living room. These celebrities will be presenting special programs. Past visits can be re-accessed by selecting the message board option
- this channel links up with the DSi in order to download and watch content on your DSi while on the go. The DSi can also store virtual coupons from companies
- in order to connect your DSi you will need the “Dokodemo Wii no Ma” app from the DSiShop. This app will be available May 1st
- limited video content at first, but plans to bring in more content in the future
- no mention of free/pay content details

Check out three videos for the ‘Wii no Ma’ service here (commercial, DSi connection, service walkthrough)