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Media Reactions to the Wii Launch

by rawmeatcowboy
22 November 2006
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A portion of a 1up article…

BBC — They give us a paint by numbers style article.

Nintendo hopes the Wii, designed to be more accessible than rival machines, will boost its fortunes.
Nintendo has decided to opt-out of the “arms race” of the current round of consoles, that has seen Microsoft and Sony play a game of brinkmanship with their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 machines.

How accurate? Gives a bit of Nintendo’s history, as well as mentioning the sizable amount of third-party support they’ve received for the Wii. And even though it’s a British publication, they included the details (price, date) for both the American and UK launches.

TIME — Wilson Rothman uses more personal experience with the unit than most in his piece, talking about hosting a dinner party centered on the Wii:

Finally, all this physical activity has a downside. As thrilled as I am that I now can play videogames in lieu of other aerobic exercise, I am sore. It may be the good soreness of muscles in need of a long-overdue workout, yet I fear that some people might get real tennis elbow from Wii’s virtual Tennis, or even tear a rotator cuff when pitching in Wii’s Baseball.
I encourage you to go out and get one, even if you’re also planning to buy Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Sony’s PlayStation 3. Just be careful, because Wii is physical.

How accurate? It seems to indicate that if you don’t replicate the actual actions you would be unable to do well in Wii Sports, which isn’t the case (it just wouldn’t be a fun). Playing the Wii doesn’t have to be like a trip to the gym. He also says that “although the basic Wii system costs $250 and comes with Wii Sports, you absolutely have to buy a second Wii Remote ($40), along with its Nunchuk joystick attachment ($20),” which could be misconstrued by some as meaning you’ll actually need a second Wii Remote to play with friends — you can play Wii Golf with four people with only one Wii Remote.

CBS — Chad Chamberlain puts together an article loaded to the brim with the good, bad, and basics regarding the Wii:

By no means will you be blown away by graphics nor will you have the savvy online support that Xbox 360 has, but you the easy pick up and play mechanic of this system might turn a few heads maybe even yours.

How accurate? Explains all the important details — description of how the controller works and the layout, online services, price, date — and even talks about the oft-forgotten Virtual Console. Easy to understand and reads like the Wii plays — smooth.

Read the full article here