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Finnish army using Wii to stay in shape

by rawmeatcowboy
31 August 2009
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Reader Timo was nice enough to translate a portion of a news article that discusses the Finnish army using the Wii to keep fit.


Every garrison in Finland will be equipped during August-September-period with Nintendo Wii gaming consoles that activate people who played them to exercise. The aim is to get new recruits in shape. The Finnish Defense Force has gotten over 350 machines. There will be at least two sets of Wii in every garrison. The machine was tested in Kaarti Jaeger Regiment already in spring where the results were positive. Two different games are available: one with golf, bowling, boxing, tennis or baseball and other with muscle exercises, yoga and balance exercises.

So now, if I ever plan on going into the army, I can say that I’ve had plenty of training…I’ve played Wii Fit.