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What is this Kool-Aid you keep speaking of? Has Nintendo teamed up with Kool-Aid? Do they have exclusive rights to the Kool-Aid Man? Will he be unlock-able in Smash Bros and be featured in his own puzzle platformer where you have a limited amount of time to deliver Kool-Aid to thirsty kids and you have to bust through a specific amount of walls while maintaining liquid levels inside your body. You can also pick up powerups that change the flavor inside you to match what each individual kid prefers for extra points. Speaking of points, you could pick up kool-aid points hidden within each level to purchase new wall smashing abilities and unlock-ables that can transfer to your Smash Bros game...

Hasn't there been enough negativity for one day? Why not let someone have a positive opinion without crapping on it? I think someone has been drinking the internet's poo-aid.

Now.. if you don't mind, I have a pitch(er) to make to Nintendo.


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