Japan has found a new best-selling game of 2022, and all it took was a month’s worth of sales data.

We all know that Splatoon 3 got off to an incredible start in Japan, becoming the Switch’s fastest-selling title in the region. The game has remained at the top of the sales charts ever since, with nothing else able to knock Splatoon 3 from its #1 position.

Now with September 2022’s sales numbers officially locked in, we can see that Splatoon 3 sold around 4 million units in Japan alone for the month. That includes both digital and physical numbers, and it’s clear fans showed up for both distribution methods. This now makes Splatoon 3 the best-selling game of 2022 in Japan.

There’s a very good chance Splatoon 3 will hold onto this crown for 2022, but it’ll have to survive Pokémon Scarlet/Violet. It’s going to be a tight race, as pre-orders for Scarlet/Violet are trending ahead of Sword/Shield considerably. Will Splatoon 3 retain the accolade, or will Pokémon steal it before 2022 closes out?


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Not surprising. It’s dominated the sales charts since its release. Pokémon could beat it, but I think it won’t in the 6 weeks or so it will have in 2022.

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1+ y ago

Not surprising. Not surprising. Not surprising.


1+ y ago

It's a superb sequel and an amazing game all in all. It deserves it.

Now for that Splatoon Anime and Nintendo will strikes diamonds!