Disco Elysium's creator is suing ZA/UM, the game's developer

This follows his forced departure from the company

25 October 2022
by camcritiques 0

Earlier this month, we learned that ZA/UM, developer of the hit indie RPG Disco Elysium, forced several key members of the game’s development team out of the company in the midst of development for the game’s sequel. Among those employees was Robert Kurvitz, the creator of the game’s concepts and world. It seems he’s not given up on his property, though, as he’s reportedly suing ZA/UM.

Details are scarce, but the official website for the Estonian court holds a record that indicates Kurvits is suing ZA/UM. Kurvits outlined the world in a 2013 novel that was a commercial failure. He was able to make it a success in the gaming world, but ZA/UM now owns the rights to the Disco Elysium property, so it’s possible Kurvits wants to take it back. We’ll be sure to update you as we learn more about the specifics of the lawsuit.

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