When Microsoft made the move to pick up Activision-Blizzard, there was a lot of chatter about Call of Duty coming over to the Switch. As a matter of fact, Microsoft has shared an interest in making this happen in the past. While it still hasn’t come to fruition, Microsoft still has that desire.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has been answering all sorts of gaming questions today, and the topic of Call of Duty has been covered quite a bit. At one point in the discussion, Spencer specifically called out the idea of Call of Duty on Switch as being something they’d like to see happen.

“Call of Duty specifically will be available on PlayStation. I’d love to see it on the Switch, I’d love to see the game playable on many different screens. Our intent is to treat CoD like Minecraft.”

[Xbox head Phil Spencer]

Of course, if any of this is going to happen, Microsoft’s deal with Activision-Blizzard has to first go through. There have been a number of hurdles for Microsoft to overcome on that matter, and the deal still isn’t 100%. If/when that acquisition wraps up, then the path for Call of Duty on Switch becomes a lot more clear.


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Bringing COD to Switch but take it from PlayStation would be….a move haha.

Current Switch console just isn’t capable for a competent port anyways imo.


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idk, if Switch can get a really faithful port of Nier Automata... I've not seen COD do anything more impressive than that. Sure it'll take some effects downgrades and downscaling of textures, but I'm certain there could be a competent port. I'm just not sure it'd be worth the resources required to do so.


1+ y ago


Yeah, but imagine Jim Ryan's reaction if it did.


1+ y ago


Just scaling down Treyarch's 2024 game or Sledgehammer's 2025 game (assuming if the governmental approval timeframe + organizational changes can get through reasonably quick) wouldn't do, so first Treyarch's Nintendo team would have to be reinstated after being dissolved following CoD Ghosts in 2013.

Next the team would either need to come up with either a gaiden game to a mainline one (like what was done on Nintendo DS I think) or they'd have to build a Switch version completely from scratch like Black Ops 1 on Wii.

Black Ops 1 on Wii was developed pretty good despite missing content from the HD version due to either tech problems, not enough resources, or no means of proper patching at the time.

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if the wiiU had 60fps COD games (ghosts and black ops2) then switch can handle COD ports.


1+ y ago


The Wii U was still a relatively powerful enough console back in 2012. The Switch wasn't in 2017, and that gap has only widened as we approach the end of 2022.

If it happens, it will have to be a port of an older game or its own spin-off lesser version. We won't be getting a cloud version of COD, thankfully, certainly not online multiplayer.


1+ y ago

While crybaby jim ryan is doing everything posible to get call of duty, spencer is like hey nintendo do you want it? 🤣


1+ y ago

Also, this deal still hasn't gone through. It needs regulator approval, it came up in the news yesterday because it got approval from Brazil. Hhhmmm! Nothing dodgy about their government.

The FTC, European Commission, and UK Competition and Markets Authority are all still currently investigating the deal. Microsoft have to play nice, saying that they'll keep franchises exclusive to Microsoft won't do them any favours. Besides it makes them more money(they have to recoup the $68.7 billion first) by having as many games on as many platforms as possible.

I don't think this Switch will ever get a COD game. This deal could drag on and on, besides, the Switch is already too weak and old. Activision Blizzard have shown no interest whatsoever despite all the Switch's success. Maybe if Nintendo release this fabled more powerful console, then we might be able to talk about it happening. The new console will likely retain Switch in its name.


1+ y ago

Less talking and more porting, just hire Panic Button 🤐


1+ y ago

I don't even know what the licence is doing these days. Is it doing anything new or interesting? There would probably be an audience for it on Nintendo though.