Ninjala Anime Episode 43 releases on YouTube

Shaking things up a little!

04 November 2022
by alioop 0

The newest episode of the Ninjala anime series has been released online, titled “Banished from the WNA Academy?”

The 23-minute episode is available to watch on the official PlayNinjala YouTube channel by clicking the link above. This week’s episode will be available to view for free until November 10th, 2022, so check it out while it’s available! A plot synopsis of the episode reads:

The higher-ups at the WNA Academy are holding a board meeting at the WNA headquarters. Suddenly, the lights in the meeting room go out, and emergency alarms sound with red lights flashing everywhere. The WNA higher-ups are shocked when they learn that their systems have been hacked by an outsider. Meanwhile, Jane gives her WNA card to the cashier at a burger shop in town, but the card is no longer usable…

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