There are plenty of people who think videogames are the most violent form of entertainment out there, but Tetris is never included in that conversation. Tetris is about as far as you can get from in-game violence, but sadly, Tetris has a rather gruesome connection in the real world.

The Tetris Murders is a three-part documentary series set to premier on Monday, December 5th, 2022 at 9/8c on ID, and it will also be available to stream the same day on Discovery+. This documentary covers a story unknown to many, as one of the minds behind the widely popular global sensation met a very tragic, complex, and deadly end.

On September 22, 1998, Vladimir Pokhilko, who was involved with the development of TETRIS, was found dead alongside his wife and their young son in their Palo Alto, California, home. Now, more than two decades later, the Palo Alto Police Department homicide investigators who were first on the scene revisit the haunting crime.

Over the course of this gripping three-part docuseries, the investigators unearth new theories and evidence, further unraveling the mystery of this crime. What was once thought to be a murder-suicide in 1998 is now revealed to be something much more sinister. As the investigators revisit the evidence, dark connections to Russia surface.

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