SimCopter 64 was a sequel to Maxis’ original SimCopter game for the PC. This unique title allowed players to fly a helicopter around their very own SimCity, and the N64 version was revealed at E3 in 1997. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped, and that E3 demo never saw the light of day again.

Now, the demo has resurfaced, and you can see it in great detail via the video above. While previous looks have mostly been blurry off camera affairs, this new video has footage which was captured directly from the N64. This comes thanks to the Video Game History Foundation, who also wrote a lengthy article detailing the history behind the game. There were apparently many difficulties in producing a game that was fun to play and worked well the N64’s hardware.

Would you like to see a revival of SimCopter in some form on a Nintendo console in the future? Let us know, and click here to read much more about this fascinating lost game. It’s a great read for anyone who has an interest in the SimCity games, or game development in general.

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