Clamoring for some JRPGs for the holidays, or maybe hoping to catch some deals before the closure of the 3DS eShop? Fans of Kemco games are in luck, as the company has announced sales on 19 of its Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS titles across the North American, European, and Australian Nintendo eShop.

The games on sale, with their corresponding percentage off, that are on the Nintendo Switch are the below titles:

  • Yōdanji, 50% off
  • Legend Of The Tetrarchs, 50% off
  • Revenant Saga, 50% off
  • Chronus Arc, 50% off
  • Revenant Dogma, 50% off
  • Seek Hearts, 50% off
  • Illusion of L’Phalcia, 50% off
  • Everdark Tower, 50% off
  • Archlion Saga, 50% off
  • Sephirothic Stories, 50% off
  • Alphadia Genesis, 50% off
  • Miden Tower, 50% off
  • Sword of Elpisia, 35% off
  • Ghost Sync, 35% off
  • Alphadia Genesis 2, 50% off

The Nintendo 3DS titles that are a part of the sale, which are all 50% off, are as follows:

  • Bonds of the Skies
  • Legna Tactica
  • Infinite Dunamis
  • Asdivine Cross

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