Who needs to play in the NFL when you’ve got the lucrative world of Pokémon cards to fall back on? That seems to be the attitude of Las Vegas Raiders player Blake Martinez who recently announced his retirement. In an Instagram post, he stated that he planned to now focus on his “family and future passions”. Evidently, one of those future passions is the collecting and selling of Pokémon cards!

While Martinez has been collecting and selling Pokémon cards for a little while now, his most recent sale made a big splash when it sold for $672,000. The card in question is a very rare Illustrator Pikachu card, which he dubbed “Swirllustrator” for its unique swirl designs. You can check it out below.

Martinez seems to be in this for more than just the money, as he’s got a genuine passion for card games. He’s even got his own separate Instagram account dedicated solely to trading card games, including unboxing videos of Pokémon cards. The NFL may be losing a player, but in the world of Pokémon he’s sticking around!


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