Marvel’s Midnight Suns is an upcoming strategy game from Firaxis Games, coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in the (hopefully near) future. The game is based in part on the Rise of the Midnight Sons comic series from the early 90s, but the developers wanted to put their own spin on things too. In a new interview with, creative director Jake Solomon elaborates on that process:

“In comic books, I love events. We were inspired by multiple comic book events when we did this. Obviously, there’s Rise of the Midnight Sons but Fear Itself was [also] a big event for us,” Solomon explained. “One of the fun things about comic book events is the team look. The coolest events, in my opinion, either culminate in some team look for either the villains or the heroes. Both villains and heroes we focused on getting a team look for all of them [in Midnight Suns].”

That “team look” apparently came from mixing the old with the new. As you can see in the header photo, the featured characters have brand new armor, intended to be a cross between “the modernity of Iron Man’s technology and the old-school mysticism of Doctor Strange”. The developers are also hoping to showcase characters from Marvel comics who haven’t had as much time in the spotlight when it comes to recent movies or TV shows. In particular, the mutant Magik and Niko from the Runaways series will have prominent roles in the game.

Click here to read the full interview, and get more insight into the design process for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. It sounds like there will be a lot to dig into for new and old fans alike once this game is released on Switch.

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