New Art and Posters for the Mario Movie have Leaked

You'd think a plumber would have less leaks

29 November 2022
by jmaldonado 3

As reported earlier, a new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released tomorrow but it seems like some new images of the film have leaked via 4chan. We won’t share the images here, but we will discuss what’s in them, and provide you with a link to see them as well.

If you’re trying to avoid spoilers for the movie then turn back now.

The images seem to be posters and promotional art for the film, it’s very possible these would have been released after the trailer dropped tomorrow. If you want to see the collection of images, you can find them in this ResetEra thread.

Some of the highlights include…

  • A Poster of the movie’s main cast including Princess Peach who matches the previously leaked design.
  • An image of Mario and Luigi standing in front of their plumbing van in a “realistic” city, possibly this movie’s take on Brooklyn or New Donk City.
  • In the same poster, a character baring a strong resemblance to Pauline can be seen in the background to the right of the Brother’s van.
  • A size chart comparing the heights of the main characters.
  • A Bowser themed poster with closer looks at the Koopa Troopas and Paratroopas.
  • A piece of marketing material that features a picture of Mario and the caption “Plumbings our game”, a reference to the theme song of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

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1+ y ago

Fewer leaks! I kid I kid, but honestly I expected even more leaks than we’ve gotten thus far given the hype and demand. These happenings are far more common for the film industry, even when Nintendo ninjas are involved.


1+ y ago

Kinda disappointed it seems it’ll go through the whole “Brooklyn Plumber getting sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom origin story”. I don’t think it needs that. I’d rather it just start like a game, where Mario just exists in the world.


1+ y ago

I've stayed away from looking at the leaked posters, though I've heard and read about them. Might take a look after the trailer tonight.