Wave 3 of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Pass was released just this week, and it includes eight brand new (to this game at least) tracks. As a bonus, Nintendo also snuck in a few gameplay tweaks, including this one that you might have missed - The Lightning item no longer interrupts gliding players.

This means that if you’re gliding in mid-air and you get struck by Lightning, your glider will keep on flying forward! While your character will still spin out and get smaller, you won’t crash or need to be rescued by Lakitu. See below for a demonstration of this via Twitter user @starxlx_mk:

This should definitely be a welcome change for anyone who’s ever been knocked out of first place by a pesky Lightning bolt while gliding. Of course, if you’re still not a fan of this item, you can always use the game’s new customization options to turn it off!

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