Fans who’ve been waiting for the next big update for Mario Strikers: Battle League will be happy to know that they won’t have to wait much longer. Nintendo has revealed that the game’s third free update is set for Dec. 13th, 2022, and it’s bringing another sizable round of content with it.

In the Dec. 13th, 2022 update, Mario Strikers: Battle League will get new characters, new gear, and a new stadium. All of that content is revealed in the trailer above, with Birdo and Bowser Jr. getting the spotlight this time around.

As for the gear, fans will be able to snag the Shellfish Gear, which will improve both your speed and technique stats. Finally, the new stadium is Urban Rooftop, which sets the action high above the city streets.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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1+ y ago

Man, I was so excited for this game when they announced it. I had such great memories of the older games on Gamecube and Wii and playing with all my friends. I hate to be a downer, but the game did not feel "finished" at launch, and this drip-feed of new characters months and months later hasn't been enough to get me back in the game. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong and will enjoy myself whenever I jump back in.