Dragon Quest X originally released all the way back in 2012, and the game’s been going strong ever since. Well, going strong in Japan, that is. The rest of the world never got to enjoy the game, but it seems our friends in Japan should prepare for even more content to enjoy.

According to a Famitsu interview with various Square Enix devs hinted at fresh content for Dragon Quest X in 2023. We don’t get any specifics on what to expect, but hopefully Square Enix will shed a little more light on the topic in the near future.

Even though we’re 10+ years after the game’s initial launch in Japan, it sure would be nice to see this one get a localization. With so much content available now, it seems unlikely Square Enix would tackle this huge undertaking at this point. Still, let’s keep fingers and toes crossed.

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1+ y ago

Any hope of DQX in the west all falls upon somebody localizing the coming Offline version because Square has made it clear the DQX MMO is not to go west (and interfere with Final Fantasy XI and XIV).