Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood finally opens its doors on Feb. 17th, 2023, which is just over a month away. We already know excitement for the park is at an all-time high, as park-goers crashed the ticket pre-order website as soon as it opened. Those who are lucky enough to get in on day-one are no doubt in for a treat, and it’s one that’s been carefully crafted by Nintendo’s greatest.

According to a interview with Universal Creative VP Jon Corfino, the park team worked very closely with none other than Shigeru Miyamoto during the entire process. Miyamoto didn’t just put his stamp of approval on certain ideas; he was deeply involved in the park’s creation.

“The partnership with Nintendo was absolutely fantastic. Miyamoto-san was a part of this every step of the way. It’s really been a pleasure. I’ve been working on this project for five or six years now, at least. He goes back to the very beginning along with the folks at the creative studio that helped develop and design this. So, it’s been a tremendous collaborative project.”

[Universal Creative VP Jon Corfino]

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1+ y ago

No doubt he was. He’s had his hands full with the Super Mario Movie and Super Nintendo World(s).
Hopefully his careful oversight pays off. I’m sure it will.


1+ y ago

Nintendo has very strict IP rules and policies; very similar to how protective Disney is of their own IP. Plus, Nintendo has been making a huge profit off of their various hardware (unlike Sony and Microsoft), software, and other ventures for years now. Nintendo has the finances and know-how.
I've read mixed reviews of the Mario Kart ride. I'm sure it's fun, and the ride system itself is definitely tweakable. I'm most curious about the Donkey Kong coaster coming to Epic Universe.
I think Nintendo is a HUGE franchise get for the future of Universal's theme parks. Disney has nothing like it. And, I believe Nintendo will be very articulate and picky about future expansions to the Super Nintendo Lands. Similar to the way Universal Parks has been contracted into handling and expanding the Harry Potter lands.