Nintendo previously said that the Kazuya and Sephiroth Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo would launch on January 13th, 2023. That would be Friday of this week, but some lucky customers have already gotten their hands on both amiibo.

It seems some customers who pre-ordered the Kazuya and Sephiroth amiibo have gotten them early. If you pre-ordered your amiibo, you might want to check your email for shipping notifications or tracking numbers. If you’re lucky, they might show up at your place of residence early!

Some people have even spotted the Kazuya and Sephiroth amiibo on shelves at retailers, but haven’t had any luck purchasing them, as they’re street-dated for January 13th, 2023. If you didn’t pre-order, make sure you scope out your local retailers now if you want to snag these on launch day.

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1+ y ago

It’s kinda wild that Smash amiibo are still only releasing now. While I think the next system will support amiibo, I think it’ll be more of a backwards compatibility thing and that Nintendo won’t really do anything new when it comes to amiibo.


1+ y ago

Got mine today. One Kazuya and two Sephiroths.