The No More Heroes franchise is 15 years old now, and creator Suda51 released a special video celebrating the series’ milestone. In the video, he looks back on promoting the original game and shares one of his fondest memories from the press junket.

Of more interest in this video is how Suda51 closes things out. Suda flat-out says that he has ‘no idea’ if Travis Touchdown will return, but it’s up to fans to believe. I guess that means it’s time for No More Heroes fans to cross fingers and toes!

Since the release of No More Heroes 3, Suda51 has shared all kinds of comments on the future of the franchise. He’s shared thoughts that point to more games down the line, or the series going dormant. It seems Suda51 is being pretty honest when he says he’s got no idea what’s next. Let’s hope at some point he figures things out!

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1+ y ago

As much as I like No More Heroes, I also think it’s ok to let things end or at least let them be dormant for a while.


1+ y ago

I'm sure he does. I'll easily take a bet that Travis strikes again.