Super Nintendo World doesn’t officially open its doors at Universal Studios Hollywood until February 17th, 2023, but some lucky fans have already been able to check out what the park has to offer. Universal is currently in the soft-open stage for Super Nintendo World, which means they’re testing out everything to make sure all is well for the public launch.

This soft-open has led to all sorts of pictures and videos of the park, giving us a great look at how everything has come together. Obviously, this is the best way to experience the park, as the crowds are absolutely minimal! Sure, there might be some technical hiccups and kinks to work out before launch day, but I think the lack of crowds makes the experience well worth it!

If you’d like to check out more early pics and videos of Super Nintendo World, you can find a lot more coverage via this Twitter account.

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They really need to do better with checking people for weapons before letting them in.


1+ y ago

Why is Jason in this image? I can't possibly think why. I jest, I momentarily forgot about the tradition. Could you imagine if it was real? 😱