Fire Emblem Engage is officially out today for the Nintendo Switch. To celebrate, Nintendo UK has released a new launch trailer; check it out above. You can also see the US release trailer below.

About the game:

Summon the Emblems, seize your destiny!

The Fell Dragon rises! Awaken as the Divine Dragon and fight alongside legendary heroes to save the continent of Eylos in Fire Emblem Engage on Nintendo Switch.

The battle for Elyos begins

Once every 1,000 years, legendary heroes called Emblems grant incredible power to the one who holds the 12 Emblem Rings. As the ritual nears, Alear – the Divine Dragon of prophecy – awakens to collect the rings and bring peace to the land. However, Sombron – the Fell Dragon and ancient nemesis of the Divine Dragon – has also risen and seeks the rings for his own evil gain. Only Alear and those loyal to the Divine Dragon stand between Sombron and total destruction…

As the wheel turns

Command the army of the Divine Dragon through many strategic turn-based battles across the continent of Elyos. Plan your attacks carefully, commanding each hero with their own moves and weapons, to lead them to victory.

Each battle is different, requiring its own strategy and approach. Use terrain, positioning and unique talents of your heroes to defeat the enemy across the grid-based battlefield.

Behold, the heroes of legend!

Collect Emblem Rings and use them in battle to summon legendary heroes known as Emblems. Each has their own weapons and skills to use, but you can also ‘engage’ with them to merge and become even more powerful.

Assign Emblem Rings to your heroes and let the power of the Emblems flow through them to turn the tide in battle! Heroes can also form bonds with Emblems which, as they improve, give them access to even more abilities.

Know your enemy

In battle, the weapon triangle is all! Each weapon type has an advantage over another: swords over axes, axes over spears and spears over swords. Attack with the right weapon to ‘break’ an enemy for a turn and prevent them from launching a counterattack.

Heroes that use special arts will gain the advantage over opponent with bows, tomes and knives. But be careful! The same rule applies to your troops too, so don’t let the enemy gain an advantage.

Fight your own way

Tailor your experience with a range of difficulty and game modes for players of all skill levels. Normal, Hard and Maddening difficulties await, while those looking for a more laid-back experience can even use Auto-Battle to handle combat for them.

Casual Mode sees fallen allies revived after a battle, while they’ll be lost forever when using Classic Mode. If you make a major error in combat, just use the Draconic Time Crystal to rewind and try again. It only has limited uses though, so plan carefully!

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