Good news for those on the hunt for Animal Crossing amiibo cards! Popular YouTuber NintenTalk uploaded a video describing his success in finding a restock of amiibo card packs spanning the entire collection of sets at Target.

His store had packs from each series - including the most recent Series 5 that came with the 2.0 update. He also points out that these are indeed repackaged reprints as the artwork and games advertised on the back of the earlier series have changed to include references to Harv’s Island.

My local Target is one of the lucky ones who has a plentiful amount of packs from all five series sets available. Searching on Target’s website will reveal if packs are available and at what locations, but typically store pick-up is not an option only due to store limitations on quantities sold per person. No word yet on if other retailers are experiencing similar restocks.

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2y ago

Thanks for posting this news!

I was finally able to order some of these cards before they were sold out or in the hands of scalpers.


2y ago

Darn I checked yesterday and it was not available so ordered a card I wanted. Then again, it is not in stock in my state, and to ship I have to spend $35 >:(