Pikmin Bloom is tweaking the prices for its storage upgrades, with them massively increasing. The new prices are listed below.

On February 16th (0:00 UTC), prices for the items below will change. Thank you for your understanding.

Prices and amounts will be updated as described below:

Pikmin Storage Upgrade +50: 440 coins

Nectar Storage Upgrade +50: 350 coins

Flower Petal Storage Upgrade +50: 350 coins

As the quote above says, this update is coming on February 16th. The current price for these upgrades is 180 coins, so this is quite the price hike. Make sure to get your upgrades in before the price rises.

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1+ y ago

doing the math, they actually lower the price but make it bigger packages making it take more time to reach enough coins to get the upgrades.