Super Nintendo World is now officially open to the public at Universal Studios, Hollywood. What were the challenges they faced in adapting this park from Japan to a somewhat smaller space in California? In a new interview with Nintendo Life, the park’s show producer Abbye Finnan elaborates on some of the behind the scenes efforts.

We know we have to adapt certain things. Part of our problem here is size. We’ve very limited room here, with the studio being so close. So we have to scale some things down a bit without making it seem scaled. You still want people to have… If not the same experience, a very similar experience. So that, I think, is the trickiest part is figuring out exactly how we’re going to pull it off, to bring the magic to life.

So for example, we don’t have the Yoshi attraction here, but we still wanted to incorporate Yoshi, so that’s why we have the Yoshi section of the queue. It’s still trying to bring that character’s world to the guests without being able to do the Yoshi attraction at this time.

[Abbye Finnan, Nintendo Life]

It’s certainly a shame that the full Yoshi ride isn’t available at the Hollywood version of the park, but it sounds like they’re leaving the door open to possibly incorporate it at a later date. As for whether or not the park feels magical at its current size, you’ll have to attend for yourself to find out.

Read the full interview to learn more about Super Nintendo World’s inner workings, including a chat with the head chef of the Toadstool Cafe!

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