Ash and Pikachu are set to depart from the Pokémon anime in just a few weeks, but there may be hope that fans will get to see him again later on. In a new interview from the Spring issue of Japanese magazine Otomedia, longtime Pokémon anime producer and director Kunihiko Yuyama discussed the possibility of future appearances.

According to an English translation from Twitter user @DogasusBackpack, Yuyama says he thinks “we’ll see Satoshi (Ash) again somewhere in the future”. He also seems to emphasize his age, calling him “forever ten years old”, indicating that we probably aren’t likely to see an adult Ash any time soon. When exactly Ash might return wasn’t specified, but Yuyama apparently isn’t ready to close that door completely yet.

Additionally, Yuyama teased a special cameo appearance in the final episode of Ash’s current series. This cameo would feature “that Pokémon everyone wants to see”, leaving fans to speculate which one that might be exactly. Ho-oh? Mewtwo? Bidoof? Right now, it’s anybody’s guess.

The final episodes starring Ash are airing over the next few weeks in Japan. You’ll have to keep watching to find out how his story does or doesn’t end.

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1+ y ago

I haven't really seen a ton of Pokemon, but I feel like it's hard to imagine Pokemon without him. And without Pikachu too? I doubt they'll separate the two.


1+ y ago

It's got to be Butterfree right?


1+ y ago


He already reunited with Butterfree quite a few episodes ago.