Apex Legends Season 16 just launched, but fans are already speculating about what’s coming next. Now, a new leak via Reddit is giving us a glimpse of an upcoming character who will most likely be heading to the game later this year.

The character in question is Ballistic, who has been rumored to be added to Apex Legends for some time now. As seen above, this new leak shows off a few different skins that could be available for him, though probably not his default appearance. Ballistic will supposedly be an arms dealer of some kind, whose abilities include carrying a third weapon, and shooting bullets that overheat enemy guns.

The source for this leak may not be completely reliable, but the image seems to line up with what we know so far. Additionally, Insider Gaming says they’ve verified that the leak is legitimate. So, when might we see Ballistic in the game? Apex Legends Season 17 is still a few months off, but that seems like a safe bet right now. Stay tuned for more info.

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