As of March 7, 2023, Veronica is available as an Emblem in Fire Emblem Engage. She comes as part of Wave 3 of the game’s DLC, alongside Chrom and Robin. In a new series of tweets from the official Japanese Fire Emblem account, some of Veronica’s skills have been detailed. Check out a summary below.

  • One of Veronica’s skills allows her to buff an ally’s attack by 30% as long as they’re not at full health.
  • Her weapon, the “Hliðskjálf” is an offensive magic staff which prevents the enemy from counterattacking.
  • Her Contract ability allows her to reactivate adjacent allies after they’ve already been activated, although they won’t be able to move again using this method.
  • Veronica can summon random hero units to fight alongside her in battle.

Click after the jump to view the complete set of tweets and gameplay footage.

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