CyberConnect2 has released a chunk of new information about Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2’s weapons ahead of its May 11th release. You can get a full rundown of all the new details below:

New Tank Exo-Taranis



The main tank in the game. This new colossus contains both the ultimate weapon, the Soul Cannon, and the Managarm.


Two Ultimate Weapons to Sow Further Discord within the Player

The Soul Cannon: The Countdown to Death!?

The Soul Cannon is a deadly weapon that can take down powerful foes with a single blow!

Using it comes at the cost of a child’s life, so avoid using it as much as possible. However, upon detecting danger, the AI known as Hax will randomly select a child to be sacrificed and initiate the Soul Cannon countdown sequence all on its own!​

Players must defeat all enemies before its too late!

The Managarm: The Safety-Net Option

The Managarm, the devastating ultimate weapon! It can only be used once every battle!

It uses a small amount of a child’s life, so the selected child will be temporarily knocked out. Children who are knocked out can recover in the dormitory during intermission. Using this at the most appropriate timing can help prevent use of the Soul Cannon (and the loss of a life)!

An accompanying video has also been released, which you can see here:

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