In addition to a great library of games, the Nintendo 3DS had some very cool apps intended for creative pursuits like art and music. Now, just days before the official closure of the 3DS eShop, animator Wayne Unten has shared an animated short he created using only those apps.

Unten works at Walt Disney Animation Studios and says he spent various moments of free time over the past two years working on this short, titled “Toadal Disaster”. It’s a cute little short featuring a witch practicing some spells with her pet toad. The apps used to create it include Butterfly: Inchworm Animation II, Colors! 3D, Flipnote, and Korg M01D.

Click here to watch the animation in full. It’s an impressive piece of work, especially considering the hardware used to create it! If you’d like to produce your own masterpiece using these 3DS apps, be sure to download them soon before you lose your chance.

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